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Sustainable and ethical nutrition and supplements by experts.

5 Reasons to Love DR.VEGAN

  1. Clean ingredients formulated for all diets
  2. Built by a qualified team of expert nutritionists and doctors
  3. The first supplements company to provide a free refillable tin (to avoid single use plastic waste every time you need more!)
  4. Free UK delivery
  5. Thousands of glowing customer reviews on TrustPilot


Our mission is to bring clarity, simplicity and ethics to your nutrition and supplements.

Whatever your diet, we believe everyone should be able to understand their own nutritional needs, find higher quality, naturally sourced and plant-based supplements that really work, with the reassurance they’re not damaging the environment.

The supplements market is confusing and for many, intimidating. Unnecessary ingredients, ingredients of uncertain origin, and inconsistent labelling mean you’re left wondering what it is you’re really buying and consuming, and whether you’ll derive any benefit. And there’s unnecessary plastic and glass waste everywhere you look.

We’re here to change that. All our supplements are what they say on our convenient refillable pill tins - better for you and our planet. Made in the UK and formulated by our expert nutritionists, using only naturally sourced and plant-based ingredients with zero nasty additives or animal ingredients, they’re more absorbable, more effective, and more affordable.

We also provide a free, online Diet Profile that helps you understand your diet and discover your nutritional needs, and order the right supplements for you - delivered Free, First Class, through your letterbox in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Better Me. Better Planet.