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Baby and toddler holidays to Holland and Belgium

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5 Reasons to Love Little Clogs Holidays

  1. Affordable child friendly holidays to Holland and Belgium
  2. Unique woodland, beach and farm locations
  3. Authentic insider tips and local information
  4. Extremely accessible destinations, by car, train or plane
  5. Free bespoke holiday recommendations


Little Clogs Holidays offers baby and toddler families somewhere different and unique to go on holiday, featuring the most child friendly holiday parks and farm holidays in Holland and Belgium.

Holiday parks provide an easy, accessible and affordable holiday for young families: warm toddler pools and indoor and outdoor play areas together with luxurious bungalow, lodge or villa accommodation in the middle of nature, and with the famous cities just a short drive away. Many holiday parks even have baby or children’s themed bungalows with extras such as toys and games, children’s cutlery and crockery, playpens and baby rockers as well as additional safety features.

These are the perfect kind of fresh air holidays and with plenty to do for older siblings too. Families can easily work around nap times and feeding schedules by either self-catering or enjoying some of the on-site restaurants. Holiday park holidays mean you can enjoy a family barbecue while watching rabbits hop around or listening to the chirping of the birds or the gentle hum of the waves.

Farm Holidays offer a real escape from busy life in the city and allow children to explore and learn about life on the farm, meet and interact with their favourite farm animals, jump around on the hay bales and frolic in the farmers’ sprinklers. They can even have their own pony or rabbit to care for during their holiday. For parents it means slowing the pace down, enjoying a simple life away from everyday gadgets and devices!

As much as Little Clogs’ focus is on the children it is also very much about family and by ensuring the children are well catered for families can focus on quality time together in beautiful surroundings.

Holland and Belgium are ideal holiday destinations for families with young children as they are close by, extremely child friendly and have some beautiful nature as well as many child friendly days out. These are small countries but with some diverse landscapes. Some of the cleanest, whitest sandy beaches can be found here as well as woodland, national parks and even a desert! The cycle network is extensive and is perfectly set up to cater for families with a wide array of bike options.

Run by Laura and Jane, 2 mums with a lot of experience of living and holidaying in these countries, Little Clogs is able to tailor holidays perfectly to suit each individual family.

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