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Plastic free body care, made for Rowdy kids.

5 Reasons to Love Rowdy Kind

  1. Zero Waste
  2. Specifically made for kids' sensitive skin
  3. Handmade in the UK
  4. Made with kids (and parents) in mind
  5. Support UK Charities through our Rowdy Acts of Kindness


Rowdy Kind started with a series of challenging questions from kids, in the bath: “Why do we use plastic bottles if they are so bad?” and “Why are you still using baby shampoo on me?” When we couldn’t find a better solution, we decided to make it ourselves

Parents tell us they want something that is made of high quality ingredients and specifically formulated for kids’ sensitive skin, and kids say they want something that isn’t for babies, is “Cool and Fun” and most importantly Plastic Free!

Introducing Rowdy Kind, the original award winning Zero Waste Skincare brand for kids!

We make all your bathtime essentials: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, even bubble bath and moisturiser without those pesky plastic bottles.

Everything we do is with kids in mind first and foremost. From Bathtime, where our bars are specifically formulated for kids unique skin & hair needs, to ensuring their brightest future on this planet.

Let’s Raise the Bath Bar, Together.